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Successful family business for the agricultural sector

Livestock trade Josef Venneker was born in 1969. The married couple Josef and Hildegard Venneker founded a livestock marketing company on their Westphalian farm in Nordkirchen, Germany. With initially only one trailer, the farmer Josef Venneker started selling the animals from his company. Following this success, local farmers also wished that he sold their animals. Thus, the livestock trade from the Venneker farm in Nordkirchen, Germany grew. The family expanded the trade with and transport of animals gradually. It didn’t take long until they purchased the second and third livestock trailer.

The company grew. The farm became increasingly a handling facility for animals for breeding and slaughtering. In 1986 and 1988, the sons Albert and Heinz Venneker assumed responsible tasks in the family business. When the company was transferred to Albert Venneker in 2002, it was rebranded as Viehhandel Josef Venneker, Inhaber Albert Venneker e.K. Heinz Venneker became Managing Director. The versatility of the family business in its second generation is also reflected in its name “Venneker company group” with its livestock trade, logistics and nature divisions.

1969 - Founded by Josef Venneker

The Venneker Group was founded by Josef Venneker in 1969. This marked the beginnings of a company which was to develop and grow over the course of several decades.

1986 and 1988 - First steps with Albert and Heinz Venneker

During the late 1980s, his sons Albert and Heinz Venneker assumed important tasks in the company, which constantly grew and diversified. This resulted in renaming it as Viehhandel Josef Venneker, Inhaber Albert Venneker e.K.

2002 - Company handover to Albert Venneker

The official handover of the company took place in 2002 and marked the beginning of a new era in the company.

2010/2011: Washing bay and workshop in SĂĽdkirchen, Germany

The Venneker Group established a washing bay and a workshop in SĂĽdkirchen, Germany, between 2010 and 2011. This expansion of the infrastructure demonstrates the growth and continuous investment in the operating capacity.

2012: Foundation of Venneker Natur

The foundation of Venneker Natur in 2012 reflects the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and the expansion of its business areas.

2016: Laying of the foundation stone for the new building

The foundation stone for a new building was laid in 2016, denoting a significant milestone in the company’s history and forming the basis for future growth.

2017: First steps with Nils Venneker

When Nils Venneker started to work for the company in 2017, the Venneker Group family tradition was continued. As Albert Venneker’s son, he represents the third generation which enrichens the family business with fresh ideas and new impulses.

Nils Venneker.

2018: Move to Nordkirchen, Germany

The move to Nordkirchen, Germany, in 2018 was a strategic move which underscores the Venneker Group’s continuous growth and expansion.

2019: Company golden jubilee

The golden jubilee in 2019, was something to be proud of and time to reflect on its achievements and the lasting inheritance of the company.

2022: First solar-powered HGV

The introduction of the first solar-powered HGV in 2022 demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability within its vehicle fleet.

2022: EMAS

The implementation of the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) in 2022 illustrates the Venneker Group's endeavour to promote environmentally friendly practices and continuously improve its environmental performance.

2023: Venneker customer portal

The introduction of the Venneker customer portal in 2023 was a signal of progressing digitalisation and a focus on customer relationships.

2024: Completion of the Nordkirchen, Germany facility with workshop and a washing bay

The planned completion of the Nordkirchen, Germany facility with a new workshop and washing bay in 2024 will be a further important step in the company’s development, extending its capacity and services.

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