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Venneker: Family tradition since 1969

The Venneker family has shaped livestock trade with passion and dedication in Nordkirchen, Germany since 1969. From its modest beginnings on a Westphalian farm to a state-of-the-art logistics centre, the Venneker group of companies has repeatedly proved: “We get things moving!"

Livestock trade Josef Venneker was born in 1969. The married couple Josef and Hildegard Venneker founded a livestock marketing company on their Westphalian farm in Nordkirchen, Germany. With initially only one trailer, the farmer Josef Venneker started selling the animals from his company. Following this success, local farmers also wished that he sold their animals. Thus, the livestock trade from the Venneker farm in Nordkirchen, Germany grew. The family expanded the trade with and transport of animals gradually.

It didn’t take long until they purchased the second and third livestock trailer. The company grew. The farm became increasingly a handling facility for animals for breeding and slaughtering. In 1986 and 1988, the sons Albert and Heinz Venneker assumed responsible tasks in the family business. When the company was transferred to Albert Venneker in 2002, it was rebranded as Viehhandel Josef Venneker, Inhaber Albert Venneker e.K. Heinz Venneker became Managing Director. The versatility of the family business in its second generation is also reflected in its name “Venneker company group” with its livestock trade, logistics and nature divisions.


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Business Manager

The Venneker company group has grown constantly over the past decades. At the same time, it has retained its friendly family character up to the present. Since its beginnings, its objective has remained to maintain healthy collaboration with and be a reliable partner for the agricultural sector. This is based on excellent service and sustainable, trusting collaboration. Despite numerous office containers, the company could no longer remain at its own farm premises.

A new location was created for a large part of the business after 49 years. In 2018, a modern logistics centre with top traffic connections was built on a five-hectare company premises on the L 810 [a road] on the outskirts of Nordkirchen, Germany. This new company headquarters is used by the dynamically growing family business to serve breeders and fatteners throughout Germany and neighbouring countries. The family character is cult in the company: “We get things moving!"

This is more than a slogan, it reflects our programme. For example, within the familiar working area and outside it, for example in connection with supporting the sports club. The success recipe is the identification of the employees with their employer and those of the customers with the Venneker company group. More than 200 employees work there: traders, IT experts, logistics specialists, forwarding agents, professional drivers, mechanics and sales representatives. “Our staff is our best capital,” as owner Albert Venneker phrases it “We not only invest in training and further training, but also in top working conditions. This is valid for our administration and our commercial department, but equally for our drivers!” The third generation has also gained a foothold: Nils Venneker studied Business Administration, has worked for the company since 2017 and steers Purchasing and Sales. As a livestock marketer, Venneker is number one in the sector and can always be contacted: 24 hours per day. Seven days per week.

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