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Pig marketing at Venneker:
Digital, transparent & partnership-based

The Venneker Group combines decades of experience in pig marketing with state-of-the-art digitalisation. With a deep market network, flexible slaughterhouse alternatives and transparent processes, we offer our customers customised solutions and constant availability. Partnership and trust always take centre stage.

Pig marketing with the Venneker Group: trust, partnership & digitalisation

At the Venneker Group, a long-term business relationship based on partnership is at the centre of our successful pig marketing. Our priority is that you benefit from our first-class services. That is why we rely on trust and partnership as the cornerstone of our business philosophy.

Our offers at a glance

  • Digitalisation for transparency: Benefit from our digitalised work processes, which ensure a clear and transparent way of working.

  • Reliability & efficiency: Our decades of experience in marketing pigs to slaughterhouses is testament to our commitment to trust, responsibility and value.

  • Optimal market placement: With the aim of getting every pig to the best possible slaughterhouse, we use our in-depth market knowledge to position it in the most profitable market in Europe.

  • Europe-wide network: Our extensive connections throughout Europe help us to skilfully overcome logistical challenges.

  • An eye for innovation: We are always on the lookout for potential improvements and adjustments to keep pace with changes in the market.

Put your trust in the Venneker Group, your experts in pig marketing.

Our strengths in note marketing

With a deep market network and state-of-the-art digitalisation, the Venneker Group sets standards in pig marketing. Discover our comprehensive services that focus on transparency, efficiency and partnership.

Optimised classification

With Autofom - FOM, we offer flexible classification options directly on the scales.

Efficient slaughterhouse selection and logistics

Our selection of different abattoirs enables optimum slaughtering and variable slaughter weight marketing. You also benefit from our large fleet and real-time lorry tracking.

Reliable terms and conditions

Our contractual commitments ensure security, attractive prices and additional bonuses. A fixed delivery rhythm guarantees predictable weekly schedules.

Digitalisation and transparency

We rely on transparent processes, digital delivery notes and fast invoicing via email. Our customer portal offers direct access and easy handling.

24/7 customer service

Our 24/7 availability ensures that a contact person is always available for you in order to act in a solution-orientated manner.

Market knowledge and network

Our deep market network enables fast market reactions. You also benefit from our Europe-wide network, which offers flexibility in times of crisis.

Pig marketing with Venneker?

Discover the benefits of a partnership with us. Our expertise and commitment to transparency and efficiency make the difference. Let our team advise you and find out how we can create added value together.

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