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Animal transport at Venneker: Safe, professional & welfare-orientated

At Venneker, we attach great importance to the professional and safe transport of our animals. With experienced transport companies from Poland and abroad, we guarantee the highest standards of animal welfare during transport.

High-quality vehicle fleet for animal transport

In our fleet, which is part of the Venneker Group, we have around 100 transport vehicles from renowned brands such as Volvo, DAF and Mercedes-Benz. These vehicles fulfil the highest environmental standards and are equipped with the latest technology to offer the animals optimum conditions even on long journeys.

Our strengths in animal transport

  • Professional partners: Our transport partners are carefully selected and have the necessary licences to carry out the transport in compliance with the highest animal welfare standards.

  • Controlled quality: The quality of the transport is ensured through regular checks to guarantee the highest quality of the animals right up to the slaughterhouse.

  • Efficient logistics: Our logistics expert organises the transport process and monitors its proper execution to ensure efficient and safe transport.

Animal transport with Venneker

Find out more about the benefits of transport with Venneker. Our commitment to safety, professionalism and animal welfare makes the difference. Contact us for more information.

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