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Venneker fleet: Fast, reliable & animal-friendly

Our modern fleet of vehicles guarantees the punctual and safe transport of your animals so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Saving time through precision

With precise planning and punctual arrival and departure, we give you more freedom in your everyday life. Our reliability gives you the freedom to concentrate on other important tasks or valuable family time.

Modern technology for animal welfare

Our vehicles are equipped with advanced technology that not only makes transport efficient, but also ensures the welfare of your animals. Temperature monitoring and special equipment in our lorries create optimal conditions for the animals during transport.

Hygiene as a priority

After each transport, our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned, washed and disinfected. This strict hygiene protocol ensures that every animal is transported in a clean and safe environment.

Equipment that impresses

Our fleet has a range of features that make the transport process safe and efficient: from GPS tracking and temperature monitoring to steerable axles and modern braking systems.

Discover the difference with Venneker Fuhrpark!

Have your animals transported by a fleet that prioritises speed, reliability and animal welfare. Contact us for more information!

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