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Venneker workshop

in-house workshop

We have our own modernly equipped workshop with excellently trained specialist staff. The maintenance of our fleet of vehicles is carried out after each journey. This ensures that our drivers are always safely equipped for every cattle transport. In addition, the technology in our driver’s cabs is equipped in such a way that even the smallest of errors in the animal boxes are displayed on the computer in the driver’s cab.

The workshop services range from simple repairs to the overhaul of the vehicle. During our maintenance work, we also make sure that defects, for example in the lighting, are eliminated immediately. Supporting parts of the body, existing overrun brakes, clutches or the tyres are also. part of the maintenance standard.

Own workshop

Maintenance and repair of livestock transporters under the company roof

Maintenance after every cattle transport

The maintenance of our fleet of vehicles is done weekly

Smooth, time-saving and gentle livestock transport

Our vehicle fleet and our employees guarantee a smooth, time-saving and gentle transport of all animals

Professional maintenance

Over 100 company-owned vehicles are professionally maintained and serviced by our fitters in our own workshop. The reliable functioning of the entire vehicle fleet is ensured around the clock by the emergency service. Our vehicle fleet and our employees thus guarantee a smooth, timesaving and gentle transport of your animals. We offer optimal conditions to maintain the quality of your livestock right up to the slaughterhouse – for the welfare of the animals. Our workshop team is innovative and future-oriented. In continuous coordination with the specialist departments, the requirements are flexibly adapted to the needs of our customers. We adapt quickly when it comes to small or large batches of livestock, route changes or short-term quantity fluctuations.

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