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Venneker takes position on newspaper report

Venneker takes position on newspaper report

The report “Pigs left in the heat? PETA files a complaint against Venneker” from October 10th, 2020 (source: Ruhr Nachrichten) has caused a great stir in our country. We immediately checked the circumstances of the mentioned transport.

The examination showed that the animals in our truck were by no means transported tightly packed. The truck is designed for 80 animals, only 21 animals were transported. Accordingly, the space for the animals was more than sufficient and far from the specified quantity of the maximum number of pieces transported. Pigs are herd animals and like to group together, although there is enough space for each animal, it may appear that the loading density was exceeded.

Even if the thermometer in the private car of the information showed over 30 degrees, it does not mean that this temperature is in our truck. Here the examination also showed that the temperature on the loading area at the mentioned standing time was 27 degrees on average. Our trucks are always air-conditioned by the automatic ventilation. The temperature is constantly monitored, registered and centrally stored by means of an alarm system.

In addition, it is always ensured that the trucks are sprinkled with sawdust so that the animals have a firm stand during transport. Access to fresh water is also guaranteed during each transport.

We attach great importance to an animal-friendly and gentle transport. In order to meet our demands and the laws, we only use well-trained drivers. The driver, who drove this vehicle, can already show a professional experience of over 7 years. In addition, the unloading of the animals at the slaughterhouse is done with the help of a camera and is controlled by the responsible veterinary office. The Veterinary Office has had no complaints.

The transport was properly registered and approved. We can therefore with good conscience object to the suspicion of violations of the above-mentioned laws and regulations.

We check our vehicles daily for suitability for transport, our staff ensures perfect transport conditions and our drivers are experts in handling the animals.

The organization PETA files a complaint without having been on site. The complete transport was not shown, only a small part was shown.

The reporting of the Ruhr Nachrichten was only one-sided, the approach of the animal welfare organization PETA was not considered, let alone questioned (neither incidents like the farm fire nor the truck accident with animals are reported by the animal welfare organization PETA).

If there are any questions concerning the described transport, please feel free to contact the company Venneker directly. We are available 24/7.