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Venneker Nutrient Exchange

Nutrient Exchange

Venneker Natur is a recognized intermediary and distributor of solid and liquid farm manure. The mediation between donors and buyers is our daily business. Many of our customers have been using this service with us for years, because they know that animal trade, animal feed as well as fertilizer supply and disposal are in the same, reliable hands. We make the procurement of farm manure for your farm guaranteed uncomplicated.

Up to date

Our direct access to the nutrient exchange guarantees fast processing and short distances at the same time. We have access at any time to the data of the machinery rings, the contractors and the Chamber of Agriculture


We ensure that your farm manure is applied to exactly the right area at exactly the right time. With the help of the nutrient exchange you can prove these material flows - officially approved and controlled by the chamber.


Venneker Natur not only ensures a legally compliant material cycle in agriculture - we also ensure data security. Our modern computer centre is protected, and so is your data!

Nutrient Management

Documentation is everything! For the growth of your agricultural business, the proof of long-term and recognised land use certificates is an indispensable basis. Because without proof of area, no approval for the expansion of your processing business is possible! By using the nutrient exchange as a basis for the material cycle, we always comply with the legal framework for the transfer of farm manure. In this way, together we not only ensure a balanced nutrient management but also protect the environment!

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