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Marketing of sows

We manage the purchase, transport and sale of your sows for slaughter for you. You can rely on the speedy processing of the slaughter accounts and on our reliable and fast payments. With our numerous “buyers in the field” we offer you comprehensive advice on site – even at short notice. Our customer service is geared entirely to your wishes. Your personal contact person will coordinate the complete marketing of your slaughter sows for you, no matter whether large or small quantities of sows are involved or the number of pieces has to be adjusted unexpectedly.

Advantages of our sow marketing

Classification advantages Autofom - FOM

Better classification - The classification can still be changed on the scale if the weights are different than expected.

Several slaughterhouses

Several alternatives possible for undesirable slaughterhouses. Better cannibalisation due to shorter transport time. Sustainable trade. Slaughter weights can be marketed variably.

Large vehicle fleet

Loading possible in large quantities.

Powerful through mass

Good prices in the market. Flexibility for the customer.

Clean vehicle

Collection with clean and disinfected vehicles to maintain health status.

Fixed delivery rhythm

The weekly schedule can be firmly planned, orders are not postponed. The operational structure is maintained, the need for communication is low.

Flexibility in the number of pieces

Collection possible in any quantity. From car trailers to articulated lorries.

Pick up on any day

We travel from Monday to Sunday.

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