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Pig marketing

For us as the Venneker Group, a long-term business relationship based on partnership is the foundation of successful pig marketing.

We want you to benefit from our services, which is why TRUST & PARTNERSHIP are our top priorities.


What do we offer you?


You benefit from a more transparent way of working thanks to the digitalisation of our work processes.

Mutual trust and reliability are as natural to us as responsibility, efficiency and benefit.


Pigs have been marketed to slaughterhouses for decades. Our common goal is to take the pig to the best possible slaughterhouse and place it on the most lucrative market in Europe.

With the help of our Europe-wide network, we master this logistical challenge.


We always keep an eye on the changes in the business for you and keep an eye out for potential improvements.

Advantages of our pig marketing

Classification advantages Autofom - FOM

Better classification - The classification can still be changed on the scale if the weights are different than expected.

Several slaughterhouses

Several alternatives possible for undesirable slaughterhouses. Better cannibalisation due to shorter transport time. Sustainable trade. Slaughter weights can be marketed variably.

Large vehicle fleet

Loading possible in large quantities.

Powerful through mass

Good prices in the market. Flexibility for the customer.

Contractual obligation

High security. No house prices, but additional bonuses.

Pork free 48h

Health status is maintainable. No delays due to abattoir accident.

Fixed delivery rhythm

The weekly schedule can be firmly planned, orders are not postponed. The operational structure is maintained, the need for communication is low.

Europe-wide network

Alternative options in times of crisis. Other markets including prices.


Fast and reliable payment.

Easier customer process

Digitisation enables security and easy handling.

Billing via mail

Fast availability. Minimal administrative effort.

Truck tracking ticket

Real-time tracking of the truck.


Transparent and clear processes. Customer wishes are fulfilled.

Digital delivery notes

Delivery notes are available at all times. No paperwork. Save paper - for the sake of the environment!

Customer portal

Direct access to our management system. Fast flow of information. Simple handling & easy marketing.

24/7 availability

Contact person is available. Good customer service. Solution-oriented.

Deep market network

Comprehensive market information allows fast action on the market.

Would you like to market your pigs with us?

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