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Piglets and their marketing

We buy, sell and transport piglets throughout Germany and neighbouring countries. We attach the utmost importance to the quality and health of the animals. Our trained buyers regularly inspect the farms on site and, above all, monitor the uniform genetics and vaccination of the piglets.

All piglet farms with which we cooperate are obliged to carry out the health tests specified by us. With this quality management, we ensure that every farmer receives the piglets from us that meet his requirements and wishes.

Advantages of our piglet marketing


First-class advice also regarding feed recommendations for the optimal start for the animals.

Europe-wide network

Alternative options in times of crisis. Other markets including prices.

Large vehicle fleet

Loading possible in large quantities.

Powerful through mass

Good prices in the market. Flexibility for the customer.

Large market network

We look after several piglet producers from the Benelux, Denmark and Germany with different genetics and vaccination stages to find exactly the right one for you.


Fast and reliable payment.

Fixed delivery rhythm

The weekly schedule can be firmly planned, orders are not postponed. The operational structure is maintained, the need for communication is low.

Quality management

Continuous care of piglet producers and blood screening

Ferkel - Venneker Viehhandel

Easier customer process

Digitisation enables security and easy handling.

Billing via mail

Fast availability. Minimal administrative effort.

Truck tracking ticket

Real-time tracking of the truck.


Transparent and clear processes. Customer wishes are fulfilled.

Digital delivery notes

Delivery notes are available at all times. No paperwork. Save paper - for the sake of the environment!

Customer portal

Direct access to our management system. Fast flow of information. Simple handling & easy marketing.

24/7 availability

Contact person is available. Good customer service. Solution-oriented.

Contractual obligation

High security. No house prices, but additional bonuses.

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