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Piglets and their marketing

We buy, sell and transport piglets throughout Germany and neighbouring countries as far as Romania. We attach great importance to the quality and health of the animals. Our trained buyers regularly inspect the production companies on site and monitor above all the uniform genetics and vaccination of the piglets.

All piglet farms with which we work are obliged to carry out the health tests specified by us. With this quality management we ensure that every fattener receives from us the piglets that meet his requirements and wishes.

Quality of the piglets

We attach the greatest importance to the quality and health of the animals.

Purchase of the piglets

First-class advice. Of course also personally!

Sale of the piglets

First-class advice. Also here applies: personally, if desired.

Best prices

Best possible prices and best possible quality of the animals.

Animal experience and friendliness

For the marketing of the piglets, we can rely on our many years of experience and a Europe-wide network of buyers. Thanks to our modern fleet of vehicles, we ensure gentle transport. Our drivers are friendly, experienced in animal transport and well trained in the careful handling of animals.

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