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Rund um die Uhr

+49 (0)25 96 5298-0

Ermener Str. 20

59394 Nordkirchen


Venneker vehicle fleet

With our most modern vehicles we contribute to the fact that we are fast, reliable and on appointment at your farm. This gives you more time before and after for family or for work that needs to be done during the day: We pick up your animals at the best time, load them and drive them to their destination. Or we can deliver the animals you have ordered from us on time, so that you can continue your successful work with new animals without delay. With our own fleet of vehicles, we plan the assignments precisely and around the clock. So we are where you want us to be at the agreed time. Our livestock transport vehicles are completely cleaned, washed and disinfected by our drivers after each transport.

Fast loading creates free space

Our modern fleet of trucks with animal transport trailers ensures more animal welfare

Timely loading

We are on the spot punctually at the agreed date

Vehicle fleet

It impresses with its extensive equipment

Cleaning and disinfection of our transport vehicles

After each animal transport the trucks with their livestock trailers are cleaned, washed and disinfected

Our vehicle fleet

These selected features of our vehicle fleet are especially beneficial to your animals. The temperature monitoring, which can be controlled from the driver’s cab, always creates the optimum transport conditions for the animals and thus prevents damage to their health. The steerable axles of our vehicles contribute to the delivery of the livestock as quickly and precisely as possible.

Our fleet of vehicles impresses with its extensive equipment:

• Navigation devices

• GPS location/telematics

• Temperature monitoring (ventilation, watering, sprinkling)

• Rear view cameras

• Steerable axles

• Retarder brake system

• Automatic distance control system

• Page limit warning system

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