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Our history

Successful family business for agriculture

1969 marked the birth of the livestock trade Josef Venneker. On their Westphalian farm in Nordkirchen, Josef and Hildegard Venneker founded a cattle marketing business. With only one trailer, farmer Josef Venneker first started to move the animals out of his farm. After this was successful, farmers from the neighbourhood also wanted to have their animals sold with them. So the cattle trade grew from the Venneker farm in Nordkirchen. The family gradually expanded the trade and transport of animals. They soon acquired their second and third cattle trailer. The company expanded. The farm became more and more a transshipment point for breeding and slaughter animals. In 1986 and 1988 the sons Albert and Heinz Venneker took over responsible tasks in the family business. When the business was handed over to Albert Venneker in 2002, the company was renamed Viehhandel Josef Venneker, owner Albert Venneker e.K. Heinz Venneker took over the management. The versatility of the family business, now in its second
generation, is also reflected in the name “Venneker Consortium” with the divisions cattle trade, logistics and nature.



through Josef Venneker



Albert Venneker



Heinz Venneker



Markus Wißmann als erster Berufskraftfahrer


Operational handover

to Albert Venneker



and new construction of the Venneker headquarters to Nordkirchen

The consortium has grown continuously over the past decades. It has maintained its friendly family character to this day. From the very beginning, the aim has been to maintain good cooperation and a confident partnership with the agricultural sector. This is based on excellent service and sustainable, trusting cooperation. The company could not continue on its own farm – despite numerous office containers. After 49 years a new location was created for essential parts. On the L 810, on the outskirts of Nordkirchen, in the best traffic location, a modern logistics centre was built in 2018 on a five hectare site. From this new company headquarters, the dynamically growing family business serves growers and fatteners throughout Germany and neighbouring countries. The family character is culture in the company: “We move things! This is not just a slogan, it is also the programme. Within the family workspace and also outside. The recipe for success is the identification of employees with their employer and that of customers with the Venneker Group. More than 200 employees work there: business people, IT specialists, logistics experts, freight forwarders, professional drivers, mechanics, trainees and field staff. “Our staff is our greatest asset,” says owner Albert Venneker. “We invest not only in training and further education, but also in the best working conditions. This applies to our administration and commercial department as well as to our drivers!” The third generation has already gained a foothold: Nils Venneker studied business administration, has been with the company since 2017 and manages the buying and selling. As a livestock marketer, Venneker is the market leader in the industry and always available: 24 hours a day, around the clock. Seven days a week.