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Ermener Str. 20

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Rund um die Uhr

+49 (0)25 96 5298-0

Ermener Str. 20

59394 Nordkirchen


Venneker transports bulk goods, farm fertiliser, building materials & more

Starting in 2010 with two trucks and two tank trailers, we have grown steadily and keep up with the times. Our areas of operation have multiplied, which means that we have established ourselves not only in the agricultural sector, but now also in the construction industry.

Concrete filling station

Since mid-2021, we have had a concrete filling station at our location in Nordkirchen for self-collectors from the surrounding area. Here you can obtain various concrete mixes for your commercial, but also private projects in the shortest possible time and without advance notice. This service is available to you without contact or cash from Monday to Saturday from 06:30-18:00 (or by appointment).

Ein Schüttguttransporter von Venneker Natur lädt Erde ab.

Bulk transport

In the meantime our main business! Every day we transport several tonnes of soil, rubble, gravel, sand and asphalt through the Ruhr area and Münsterland. Every customer request is processed and handled specifically and precisely.

Ein Gülletransporter von Venneker Natur steht vor einem Gülllesilo.

Farm manure

We have also not lost sight of our cornerstone. The mediation but also the pure transport of farm manure is still our daily business. In close cooperation with contractors and machinery rings, we ensure that the farm manure is transported to exactly the right area at exactly the right time.

Ein Bagger transportiert Schüttgut in seiner Schaufel.

Other transports

With our tipper trailers, but also walking floors, more than just gravel and soil can of course be transported. We already transport lime, maize, organic waste, manure and much more for many customers. You are welcome to contact us for individual offers.

Street cleaning

Wherever soil is transported on construction sites, dirt also accumulates. Especially on roads, this quickly causes trouble. Since the beginning of 2021, we can also cover this area! Regular cleaning of the company premises also ensures a positive image for your customers.

No matter what project you are planning...

We advise you in all your projects. Fast, competent and committed. 

Eine Planierraupe transportiert Schüttgut

Venneker transports

Venneker Natur is an important component in our range of services. With our tank, thermal and tipping trailers we cover all those transport tasks in the agricultural value-added chain which we cannot serve with our core business, animal transport, but which are directly related to it: No healthy animals without healthy animal feed. No biogas without corn, no biogas plant without fermentation residues, no livestock without solid or liquid animal manure. All these materials must be brought from A to B with optimised logistics. And because we are good at it, Venneker Natur’s trucks are also used by the construction industry.

Our Service

Road construction is actually something that has nothing to do with Venneker’s core business. And yet our tippers bring tons of gravel, grit and asphalt to the Republic’s construction sites. Because road construction requires more than just large trucks that can move up to 40 tons of material. Above all, it requires sophisticated logistics. Of the more than 40 million tonnes of asphalt mix that are used in Germany every year, more than a quarter is, for example, recycled asphalt, which is removed by asphalt milling machines and reused in mixing plants. This material flow must not be interrupted. Venneker Natur guarantees a seamless supply chain.

Areas of application

That depends on the material. For most bulk goods, we can say that our trailers can carry approx. 26 tonnes (15 m³).

With our skips, we can transport (almost) all bulk materials. Due to the different skips, we are flexible and can also deliver material in low halls thanks to our push floor.

The sweeper is suitable for both street and yard cleaning. We are on the road both in weekly intervals for yard cleaning and in case of acute need in case of high dirt accumulation.

Unfortunately, our sweeper does not have a suction function for gully shafts.