Exhibition – EuroTier November 2022

Eine Kalbfigur steht bei den AGRAR Unternehmertagen 2019 in der Halle Münsterland

Exhibition – EuroTier November 2022

Venneker will also welcome all customers and interested parties in 2022 at the EuroTier in November 2022 in Hannover.

For more news about our booth at the EuroTier, please click here.
The EuroTier in Hanover is the world’s largest trade exhibition for animal husbandry and management.

EuroTier – The world’s leading exhibition for animal husbandry professionals

Exhibitors present their innovations in the fields of cattle, pig and poultry farming. In addition, there will be a range of products for aquaculture and the keeping of sheep, goats and retired horses. An extensive supporting programme of specials, forums and events offers the opportunity for a sound professional exchange.
As the world’s leading trade fair, EuroTier provides a comprehensive overview of innovations in technology, services and genetics for all aspects of modern animal husbandry. A further focus is on operating resources for livestock farmers: Feed or feed components and the associated technology for grinding, mixing and pelleting. The following data are subject to independent control by FKM (Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition