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Current projects

Construction of a wash water treatment plant

The future new truck wash plant is to be equipped with a modern wash water treatment and water recycling plant. The contaminated water will be completely collected and recycled after the wash cycle. In terms of sustainability, biogas production from the organic contents of the wash water will replace or substitute fossil fuels. This leads to the avoidance or reduction of CO2 emissions and thus to a better CO2 balance for the company (corporate carbon footprint). The sustainability concept is thus also carried over to the area of water use. The following benefits are achieved through wash water treatment and water recycling:

– Reduction in fresh water consumption

– Reduction of water costs

– Reduction of disposal costs for contaminated wash water

– Reduction of energy costs for heat and electricity by using biogas

– Sustainable energy production (improvement of the CO2 balance)

Conversion of truck fleet to hydrogen drive


The Venneker Group plans to convert its fleet of heavy-duty trucks to hydrogen propulsion in stages. The long-term goal is to convert 50 trucks, but initially 9 trucks will be converted to hydrogen.
Our trucks have an average mileage of 140,000 km per year and vehicle.In the first project phase, an electrolyser (1.5 MW) will be dimensioned. This could produce, economically reasonable operated, approx. 129,000 kg hydrogen per year. By replacing diesel, we would have an emission avoidance of up to 1,051 t CO2/year. In the further project phase, up to 50 trucks are to be converted to fuel cell propulsion by 2030. This includes upgrading the electrolyzer to produce approximately 700,000 kg of hydrogen, drawing on certified green power, local biogas plants, PV capacity and, if necessary, additional planned wind turbines in the surrounding communities.

Sustainability - animal welfare

It is part of our self-image that we, as a service provider for food producers throughout Germany, are considered a fair and reliable partner for all our customers. The fact that we place the welfare of the animals entrusted to us at the centre of our efforts is not due to the spirit of the times or the legislator, but has been the basis for our good reputation and success in the industry since our company was founded in 1969.

More space

We rely on higher square meters on the truck per animal during transport than the standard livestock trailers.

fog showers...

...on the newest vehicles, so that animals also feel well in the warm summer months.

shadow parking...

...with wind vents for driver changes at your own location.

Automatic feeding... the transshipment points at the site, so that the animals can eat and drink even during this time.

closed-circuit television... the stables for optimal round-the-clock care of the animals.

Soft rubber mats... the individual pens so that the animals can lie conformably.


...with several slaughterhouses for short transport distances.

staff training... dealing with animals.

Our measures for animal welfare at a glance:

We take our responsibility for the animal so seriously that the Venneker Group developed its own guidelines for gentle and considerate animal transport for itself early on. Large, bright, clean and well-ventilated boxes at our location are just as much a part of this as unlimited access to water and high-quality feed via an automatic feeding system. Our stalls are covered with soft rubber mats and are monitored by camera from a control centre to ensure that the animals are looked after around the clock. Our trucks are technically state-of-the-art. In the latest generation of our trucks we have installed fog showers for the animals so that they feel comfortable even in summer. We pay meticulous attention to cleanliness and provide the animals with a secure footing during the journey, while at the same time providing more space per animal than prescribed. At our location we have provided well-ventilated shadow parking spaces so that the animals are not in the sun during the change of drivers.

But the most important factor for animal welfare in our industry is the human being: well-trained, experienced and competent professional drivers ensure stress-free loading and safe transport of feeders, calves, piglets and pigs at Venneker. We are grateful that our employees fully support our demands for animal welfare and animal health!
We are aware that we work in the area of conflict between nature and animal protection on the one hand and the food needs of people on the other. The Venneker Group takes criticism seriously, respects political demands and is grateful for practicable proposals that help us to make animal welfare even fairer.

We move things... and that too with pleasant temperatures!

Freely according to our business philosophy „The animal welfare has the highest priority for us!“, we will use innovative trucks with integrated heating systems in the future. Thus, the animals are not subject to temperature fluctuations in the colder seasons have a comfortable transport!

We are going "one step further" in terms of sustainability and animal welfare!

The EU Commission presented the Farm-to-Fork strategy in May 2020. This is about the contribution of a sustainable food system to the European Green Deal. For the first time, the entire food system is considered in the EU – from production to the consumer.


Since the middle of 2020, we have been on the road with the high claim as „pioneer in the logistics-livestock sector“ and would like to be a role model for all market participants. In this context, we have already been selected as a „Preferred Partner“ by BioCV GmbH in 2020. We are involved in the development and testing phase of a simple, complete solution for keeping an eye on the health and general condition of the animals at all times and in all places and for displaying it transparently.

For its part, BioCV GmbH would like to contribute to strengthening animal welfare, transparency and care intensity – during live cattle transports – with its web-based ear tag sensor system.


Using intelligent software linked to the animals‘ ear tags, the system detects unusual behavior and health changes in the animals involved and issues a warning to the farmer or transporter in such cases.


The system identifies each animal individually and records all health data, stays and transport routes, feedings and weights, as well as medication administration and treatments. Through this process, animal welfare, which is a top priority for us, is closely monitored.

Do you have further questions? We would be happy to inform you about our sustainability. We are grateful for practicable suggestions that help us to make animal welfare even fairer.